'The handset business is a barbell'

"The OEM market is kind of getting to be a barbell, where you have one end of the barbell with names that we all recognize. But the other end of the barbell has a lot of names that very few people recognize concentrated in Asia. And it's that visible name in one end of the barbell that people tend to focus on and where data is more readily available. The other end of the barbell, the data can be hard to come by."

- William Keitel, CFO, Qualcomm Q4 2012 results call

3G around the world

A fascinating set of well-informed estimates from Qualcomm for 3G device shipments by its licensees. This includes all devices (dongles, mifis, tablets etc). There is a very obvious shift in the overall mix towards emerging markets. China/India have now passed North America. 

Amongst other things, this bears on ever-growing Android activations, which are strongly weighted to emerging markets: Android has 75% global share of smartphone sales but only ~50% in the USA. A lot of that 3G growth in India/China/Other are Android devices.